Those Girly Scouts

Hello and Welcome to Saving Face Beauty! 


Have you ever gone to a certain grocery store specifically because you didn't see any Girl Scouts outside? 

That's because they're inside, waiting to pounce.

Once you make it past those glorious automatic doors you'll probably be like me and assume you're out of the woods.  

Until they ambush you like a pack of velociraptors from that Chris Pratt movie that looked really good but wasn't.

You tell yourself to stay calm because the next few moments are crucial for a clean getaway.

Unfortunately, that's when things start to get hazy because the adrenaline kicks in.  

You'll feel much better when you compose yourself because you'll have five boxes of cookies to help you through the trauma.

The going rate for Girl Scout cookies is $4 a box.

I usually buy a box or two. But I always love it when the, ever entrepreneurial scout, says "You know, you can have 5 boxes for $20," like it's some kind of deal.  That's not a deal. That's math.

If you wanted to avoid buying Girl Scout Cookies this season, there are a few things you can do:

1. Walk in with a handful of people.

This is a classic case of "You don't have to be faster than the dog." This is a delicate situation. You can't justthese little kids like they're one of those pesky girls running around with hot hair straighteners in the middle of the mall. Sometimes it's best to set yourself up as 'the one who got away.'

2. Be unapproachable.

The last time I was "at risk" of being stopped I was wearing an edgy, black Moto jacket (that was ever so slightly badass) paired with a ridiculous pair of cat eye sunglasses with gold tips. It just sends a message that says you probably should be afraid to ask. "

3. Go out of your way to shop for groceries during school hours or after bedtimes. 

This kind of sucks because there are other things I like to do during my lunch hour. Like eat lunch. Anything shopping done after 9pm and the assumption is I'm stoned on a treasure hunt for munchies or pulling an Olivia Pope, dropping in on a quick stop for wine and popcorn. In his scenario Wendy's will have to be a suitable replacement for Gettysburger.

That concludes my list of tips to avoid being cornered by the pint-sized Thin Mint mafia. 

Has the fear of being taken advantage of by the Girl Scouts caused you to take extreme measures? If it has, I'd love to know so that I can keep my tactics up to date!

Thanks for Reading and Remember that you don't have to be faster than the dog.