'11.22.63' Show Review

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As you know this isn't' just a beauty blog. On occasion I like to write about other things, which is the purpose of this "Lifestyle" section, and today I have a show review.

11.22.63 stars Chris Cooper and James Franco in his first serious role since, I don't even know when. In this 8-part time traveling drama Franco, who plays an insignificant community college writing instructor going through the process of finalizing a divorce, attempts to fulfill an old man's(Chris Cooper) life-long ambition and his dying wish: To stop the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

In this Hulu original the whims of a dying old man are entertained. A man who has spent the better part of this adult life convinced that sparing JFK from an infamous end will ultimately make the world a much better place...somehow.

For me at least, the first episode felt a bit like learning about history from someone who's lived through it, which is significant. The theme of personal experience is the very foundation of this show, so much so that it opens with a profound, startling and life changing personal event. 

To me this seems like a familiar premise wrapped up in all-new packaging.

It's obvious that Chris Cooper and James Franco think of themselves as amateur (or rather wannabe) Time Lords! (I'm sure you didn't expect it to go there)! But instead of a Police Box that transports its traveler to nearly any time, place or dimension they wish, the two men are equipped with a comparatively less impressive closet that will only transport someone to a single place and time. At any rate, I would have been amusing if David Tenant or Matt Smith had made some kind of cameo.

Essentially, instead of being the Masters of Time this pair must keep themselves from being manipulated by it because "the past doesn't want to be changed" as they say. And since history refuses to be modified, going head to head with an assassin isn't the only hoop Franco will have to jump through.

If you've always wanted to be converted into a Whovian but can't get past the bad acting, sub-par special effects and a 'screwdriver' that was always meant to be "a girl's' best friend," you might want to give this show a try.

If you've already watched this show or would like to I'd love to know what your thoughts are in the comments which, by the way, I'd like to keep as spoiler-free as possible.


Thanks for Reading and Remember:

If you're thinking that none of this makes sense, just know that

"The way the world is now doesn't make any sense."

- Chris Cooper, 11.22.63


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