Marco Polo Review!

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Today is a skin day so we’re talking about Entertainment.

My boss recommended a show to me that he’s been really into lately.

The 10 - episode Netflix Original series ‘Marco Polo’  follows the young adventurer on his journey east to Mongolia. He is ultimately left behind by a father and uncle who he's just met to serve Kublai Khan (grandson to Genghis Khan) thereby ensuring the favorable passage of young Marco’s  kin along the Silk Road.

My boss suggested it because  he knows I’m an archer and the show does feature the Mongolian horse bow, though not extensively.

Although I’ve never studied Sino-Mongolian history in depth, Marco Polo  seems to be very historically insightful. Whether or not the history it presents is accurate I can’t say.

From the way this show was described to me, I was expecting something with a little more action and blood. There is blood, and there are some pretty decent fight sequences but they don’t overpower the show,  which I appreciate. Instead, from a military standpoint, it’s much more politically and strategically inclined, which I also appreciate. Additionally, in the show the other characters  single Marco out by calling him “Round Eyes,” which I found absolutely hilarious!

This show features a lot of boobies. My boss says that’s not why he likes it but … I'm pretty sure that’s why he likes it. To be completely honest, if nudity is important to you, Game of Thrones does it better.

Sorry for the spoiler.

One of the latter episodes shares an ancient homemade recipe for some kind of Chinaman soup. Nothing like a bit of Asian cuisine to add an extra dimension of authenticity. After watching that scene, I could never look at Panda Express the same way again.  

Season Two is set to premier in Summer 2016. If you've watched the first Season in its entirety, Netflix has released a 30 minute prequel to the Marco Polo series that focuses on the back story of 100 Eyes, the blind warrior Monk. In my opinion, one 30 minute episode is a tease! I need at least a 2 hour prequel to be satisfied. Keep that in mind Netflix!

I would describe the show as Vikings meets Kingdom of Heaven, meets Da Vinci’s Demons with the emphasis being placed on an ‘outsider’s perspective.’

Don’t ask me why it reminds me of Da Vinci’s Demons, it just does.  

I would give the show a solid 4 stars.

If you’re at all interested, what’s the harm in watching the first few episodes? Getting through the first season doesn’t even take that long. Just take the plunge, you may or may not thank me later.

Thanks for Reading and Remember to Season Your Chinaman Soup!

Yumm…Chinaman Soup.