July Non-Beauty Favorites!

Hello and Welcome to Saving Face Beauty!

My first favorite is ZZ Ward. Believe it or not,  I actually revisited MySpace for the first time this decade. It felt like checking in on an old friend you used to be really close to but haven't seen in a minute, and you realize they're not dead, as expected. I don't even know if they have personal profiles anymore.  Just artist profiles and what not. I stumbled onto an article comparing a handful of artists with a style similar to Amy Winehouse and I've been obsessing over that kind of sound all month! Especially in regards to ZZ Ward. I even made a pandora station dedicated to her. That's love you guys. That is true love. If you're interested here are a few of my favorites:

My second non-beauty favorite is Podcasts. I do all of my blog construction research on pinterest (who knew those carefully photoshopped infographics could be so informative) and found an article listing useful podcasts for bloggers. I found The Fizzle Show and How They Blog to be particularly insightful. Listed below are some favorites. How They Blog is not available on Soundcloud, but it is available on iTunes. Obviously. 

I've been using Google Keep for a few months and I really appreciate it. It's a free, easy to use app where you can create color coated to-do lists. I like free. I like easy to use. And I like color coating. I'm also using Wunderlist, which is nice for someone who's more organized.  Google Keep is more-so for that quick and dirty grocery list. 

Here, you can see an example of how I use Google Keep.

Number three on the list is my Amazon Fire Tablet and the Kindle App. In July I was reading like crazy! At least in comparison to what's normal for me. I have an Amazon Fire 6 and that's primarily what I use for reading purposes. For occasions when bringing the Kindle is unacceptable there's a free Kindle App where I can access my Kindle Library on the go. 

A look into my Kindle Library. I'm always taking book recommendations! 

My fourth and final favorite for the month of July is none other than Jen Mann. I use my Amazon Fire and the Kindle App to read my Jen Mann books, which I was introduced to as a recommendation from the Kindle store. Way to go Kindle Store. Kudos! Jen Mann is the writer of the wildly successful mommy blog 'People I Want to Punch in the Throat' that landed her a few book deals and lots of bloggy-type awards for her comedic writing style which she describes as "brilliantly acerbic with a surprising warmth." (Quoted from 'Just a Few People I Want to Punch in the Throat' volumes 1-4 available for only $0.99)!!! I immediately bought her book, after reading the sample of course,  as well as the four smaller ebooks and the three anthologies she contributed to. 

Jen Mann started out writing her blog: People I Want to Punch in the Throat.

As you may or may or may not know,  I've been blogging since 2011. This is my third attempt at blogging and I'm really trying to do everything right, or at least set myself up to be successful as far as consistently producing content (that is hopefully interesting). A couple days prior to discovering Jen's books I was listening to a podcast about finding your voice as a writer, and after reading one of her smaller volumes I immediately became addicted to her sassy writing style. Even though sarcasm isn't present in every single one of my posts (I still have serious matters to discuss after all) it's pretty much the vibe I exude in my everyday life.  I enjoy reading Jen's books and her blog. I use them as an inspiration to further develop my own variety of snark. 

Thanks for Reading and Remember to Find Your Inspiration!