Sharknado Pre-Game Sesh: All of the Sharks, None of the Jets

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As you can imagine, one has to be in a special kind of mood to fully enjoy the glory that is the Sharknado Saga. Since preparation is of the utmost importance I thought it best to pre-game, if you will, with a few other notable Shark films.


Three Headed Shark

I started the build up with Three Headed Shark. This is a unique sci-fi masterpiece centered around; you guessed it! A shark with not two, but three heads and an insatiable appetite for man flesh.  In this stunning cinematic thriller bad special effects and even worse acting prevail as a cameo by that Mexican guy from Machete is made. Obviously, this movie has what you’d consider the epitome of an all-star cast.

Zombie Shark

I followed up Three Headed Shark with Zombie Shark. This is a riveting conspiracy of a government experiment code-named 'Bruce' who, infected with a top-secret virus, escapes captivity and goes on a rampage transforming other sharks and humans alike into members of the undead. This gem also comes complete with bad FX and even worse acting, but no appearances from obscure minority actors with familiar faces that can scarcely be connected to a name. 


This next movie in particular hits home. Roboshark is based on the premise of Extraterrestrial technology being devoured by a great white who then wreaks havoc on innocent Seattleites in a desperate attempt to be reunited with the mother ship. Unfortunately, "Bill Glates" is counted among the many casualties. But only through the power of Twitter can this otherworldly fish be tamed. As you can imagine, no Seattle sci-fi movie is complete without the utter destruction of the Space Needle. On the flipside, I really appreciate the re-imagined Starbucks Logo, and according to Roboshark writers Seattle is known for its distinctive Hipster infestation, I mean population. I didn't know that was a thing here, but I suppose I've just grown used to all the coffee-toting, plaid shirt-wearing mustaches by now.

I know these quick recaps are giving you an intense Sci-Fi boner so I ask you this: What are your thoughts on these movies and on the Sharknado Saga in general? Are you as bewildered as I that the concept of a fish-wielding cyclone became so popular?

 For me, the build up to Sharknado3 is everything I wish Shark Week could be. 

For me, the build up to Sharknado3 is everything I wish Shark Week could be. 

Personally, after a long hard day of Shark movie watching I'm pumped. In the words of Paula Deen (God rest her Empire of Butter), "Ya'll, I can't hardly wait!" - I actually have no idea if she said that but I'm attributing it to her anyway're welcome.  

Thanks for Reading and don't forget to check out the Beauty side of things for the Sharknado III Drunk Review!