Today is a Good Day!

Hello and Welcome to SavingFaceBeauty!

If you haven't already guessed by the title, I'm feeling very content right now.

I just got paid. Always a Yumm...

I've checked off some big things in my immediate to do list, have b validated and have just experienced some unexpected but much welcomed surprises.

  • I outfitted my car with some brand new snow tires. Gotta keep it safe.
  • I picked up some gifts for a baby shower I'm attending next week. Usually that would be a day of activity for me but something told me to just get it out of the way so I headed to Target. I decided to check the Cartwheel app without expecting much, but there it was: 30% off I fantastic and toddler clothing and accessories! It was meant to be. With those cartwheel coupons I took a $50 purchase down to $35 and I manages to earn a few badges in the process (including the Last Minute Louise, Big Saver and Holiday Hero badges). Cartwheel - Get on it!
  • I was supposed to do a 5k today (the Zombie Run has finslly come to Seattle). A couple weeks ago I decided that wasn't realistic considering I wasn't training at all. Then I look outside this morning and I see all the rain, I hear the thunder and I realize I made a good decision. I feel validated.
  • Went to the grocery store to pick up some ingredients for stuffing. I'm strolling down the ice cream isle, just to take a look, and I see Talenti (the quart containers, not the small one) on sale for $ 4.99 (with a Safeway club card). Theregular retail price is $7.99 so that's a savings of $3. Since this rarely ever happens (or I rarely ever catch it) I bought a couple in Caramel Cookie Crunch and Coffee Chocolate chip. I might even go back for the Sea Salt Caramel. Oh my goodness if I do I'll definitely be set until new years!
  • After that I headed to Starbucks for my usual soy white mocha,  and for whatever reason they gave me a venti for the price of a grande! As I'm writing this I'm enjoying that unexpected upgrade.  Yumm....
  • On top of all that I'm looking forward to a much needed 3 day weekend!!! My plans include de-stressing, attempting homemade stuffing for the first time, binging on The Americans and Fargo,  and playing catch up on the blog. Ya'll, I can't hardly wait!  😆

Thanks for Reading and Remember to Appreciate the Little Things