Hand of God Review

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Another week, another binge. Since posting my Netflix Watch list last week, it would make sense to continue working through the content on that list, and I did finish watching A Young Doctor's Notebook (at least the seasons available onNetflix) but I literally spent the whole of my Saturday watching all 10 episodes of Hand of God. This is an Amazon Prime Original series starring Ron Perlman aka Clay Morrow from Sons of Anarchy.

The series opens with Ron Perlman's character the Honorable Judge Parnell Harris naked and speaking in tongues in a public fountain (wading in the water if you will). As the episode progresses we discover that the Judge's son, Parnell Junior aka PJ, is in a coma because of a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He attempted suicide but missed the target by millimeters. Tough break. The length of time spent in the coma up to this point was never known to me.  I won't reveal the reason for the suicide attempt as that is the basis for most the show's plot. In light of this tragedy the Judge seeks guidance from the Holy Spirit and finds himself at Hand of God chapel being baptized by a pair of con artists masquerading as a reverend and, I don't even know what to call her besides the reverend's 'lady friend.'  However, for reasons that are not made apparent until the end of the season Judge Parnell begins hearing the voice of his son calling for an injustice to be avenged. The Judge is under the impression that he hears the voice of his unconscience son and sees visions that point him in the direction the culprit because it is the will the Almighty Himself.  Or are his hallucinations a remnant of the guilt he feels for not being supportive of PJ's last wishes? In the end we discover that the Judge does harbor guilt from his last interaction with PJ. However, the hallucinations the judges having happens to be accurate and ultimately lead the main characters to the true reason for PJ's suicide attempt. The closure allows the Judge and his wife to take their son off of life support. Which is when the unthinkable happens. Of course! Otherwise there wouldn't be a basis for the next season.  

What kind of bothered me though, was the fact that PJ managed to sustain a black eye during his suicide attempt that doesn't look like it starts to heal until episode 9 or 10 of the season. If he shot himself months prior to the start of the season, why does he still have a black eye? Even though he's a vegetable I imagine it would have healed because he's still technically alive. And how do you even sustain that kind of injury without punches being thrown? He shot himself on the bed so it's not like there was something hard to catch his fall. And if it was a fairly recent occurrence, why are they so quick to take him off of life support? I don't get it. I think the makeup artist was a lil over enthusiastic about the black eye, or they filmed all the hospital scenes for the season on one day. 

I'm not currently an Amazon Prime Member, this show inspired me to do the 30 day trial thing. I am intrigued enough to continue with the next season when it comes out, but I wouldn't buy a prime membership solely to continue to watch this show. I mean, there are other perks that come with a prime membership I just need to determine wether it's worth $99! This show doesn't take it self too seriously, it's not overly suspenseful, and it's not too heavy. If you have a Prime membership and need a semi-stimulating show to spend a weekend watching I would recommend Hand of God. If you don't have aPrime membership and want to do the 30 trial for additional reasons I would recommend this show as well. The problem is when you decide that prime is not for you, but you still become hooked on the show at the same time. Ugh. First world problems!

Anyway, that's was my review of Hand of God. I hope it was informative enough without being too heavy on the spoilers.  

Thanks for Reading and Remember to stay away from anyone serving Kool Aid.