Do you want the truth? I make my money telling people exactly what they want to hear. It's called a day job.  But outside of those 40 excruciating hours per week I simply don't have the patience, nor do I have the interest to live by anyone else's rules.

As glamorous as blogging looks on Pinterest and Youtube, I would think the point of having your own little piece of internet real estate is to have an outlet share your true thoughts and opinions. That being said...


Unless otherwise stated, all products discussed have been purchased using the money I earned, doing things I don't like, for people who don't appreciate it.

All opinions are my own because how else will everyone else know that I can think for myself?

Occasionally you'll come across an affiliate link. Posts containing them will look something like this:

*This Post May Contain Affiliate Links.*

In addition to regular affiliate links, you might also come across Amazon Affiliate Links. In that case, just keep in mind:

“Anela is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to ( or”

Did you know Squarespace charges your girl $10 a month just to have her site up? Hopefully one day my blog will be able to sustain itself but for now I don't even make enough to order from the dollar menu. 

Products of any kind that have been sent to me will be disclosed at the beginning of the post and will look like this:

*Product was received in exchange for consideration.*

If you happen to be a PR Rep and would like to contact me, the best way to do so is via Email at or via Twitter.


Thanks for Reading and Remember:

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