Youtube Made Me Buy It - Regrets!

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My living space is a mess and one of  my goals is to get organized. That means decluttering my collection of the makeup I don't use or don't like.

This post focuses specifically on products I was inspired to purchase because of YouTube and why it either didn't work out for me, or didn't work in the way I was anticipating.

NYC Liquid Liner

Even though I ultimately picked up this liner because of Nicki tutorial. There are many youtubers who use this product because the pigmentation is good because the finish is matte,  and because the price is right. All of these things are true, but there are a few downsides I just couldn't get past: the bristles are made of plastic. They splay easily, and they're rough. This means the application I get is not very precise and I'm really good at poking myself in the eye. On top of that, this liner doesn't set as quickly as I'd like. I commend anyone who's able to get a beautiful result out of this product. That's a true demonstration of artistry and skill.

Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation

The YouTube beauty community was buzzing over this foundation when it was first released in the beginning of 2013 and no one has really talked about it since. I don't even know if it's still available to be honest. Despite the fact that the matte finish doesn't exactly cater to my dry skin type, this foundation, like almost other rimmel face products, the shade selection caters to those who are fair to medium with a cool undertone. I can make the formula works for me during the summer but I can never find a decent shade match. I know this because I bought the entire range. The Stay Matte Primer, however, is worth considering.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray

I purchased  this by recommendation of Melissa Autry or Mel MPHS, and I know Emily Noel from Beauty broadcast has mentioned it fairly recently as well. I bought it as a refresher mist that's supposed to revive dry skin that's been sitting in make up all day. But it wasn't as refreshing and I needed it to be no matter how much of it I used, or how often I used it. If that's not enough to make me feel like I wasted $7 on water, it's finding out the hard way that I really dislike floral scents. It's not just an aversion, it's a negative reaction: the scent gives me migraines! I hate to throw it away when I'm so close to finishing it up. But considering the last time I picked it up was to use it as whiteboard cleaner, it might be time to part ways for good.

L'Oreal Infallible Pro Makeup Extender and Setting Spray

This is another one of those products that made its way around the YouTube circuit at the time of its initial release. I had such high hopes that this spray would live up to the $17 price tag.  Unfortunately it does not. It might extend the life of the makeup slightly, but not enough to justify the price. It also kicked down the look of powder on the face but, then again, so does water. I will say that I'm a huge fan of the bottle itself and the spraying mechanism. It's  the most even and delicate mist tou can get from a bottle. I'm really excited to finish this up so I can use the bottle for my Mehron Barrier Spray. When it comes to setting spray, that stuff is no joke.

Pixi Correction Concentrate

I bought this correcting concealer on the recommendation of emilynoel83 of Beauty Broadcast. She compares this product to the Benefit Erase Paste. The problem is that Pixie's version only comes in one shade that seems to be best for light to medium skin tones. On me it's Just way too lifht, it settles into all wrinkles. People of color lose again.

The Masters Brush Cleanser and Preserver

I bought this by recommendation of Ashley from Makeup TIA. It retails for about $10 at Michael's and it's meant for paint brushes. The results are mediocre. This is okay for use with powder brushes but you'll need to put in some extra elbow grease when trying to get long wearing foundation out of a buffing brush. In that case I've learned to mix in a bit of dish soap. An inexpensive bar soap that is surprisingly effective however, is from Dr. Bronner's.

Milani Eyeshadow Primer

I don't have greasy eyelids, but this primer makes me feel like I do. That makes everything I layer over it crease in the worst way imaginable. Even when I follow the instructions exactly, my eye makeup is doomed. I've seen a lot of people on YouTube use this with nothing but good things to say. An alternative drugstore primer that is cheaper and works ridiculously well is the Wet n Wild shadow primer.

Hard Candy Glamoflage Concealer

A few years ago it seems like this concealer was also all the YouTube beauty community was talking about, and it was always compared to the Kat Von D Tattoo concealer. I have purchased and used both. If you're desperate to find a drugstore "dupe" for Kat Von D, I can understand why that comparison would be made, but it's not very accurate. At least not to me. The Glamoflauge is more liquidy in texture, sinks into the skin a lot better, and provides a decent amount of coverage. Whereas the Kat Von D concealer is much thicker in consistency and is more pigmented. The Glamoflage wasn't exactly bad, it just wasn't what I expected so...I pass. I would compare it to a less effective version of the Mac Pro Longwear concealer in terms of texture and consistency, but the lasting power leaves much to be desired. At least for me.

Ben Nye Banana Powder

The YouTube community lost their sh*t when it was discovered that Kim Kardashian's makeup artist uses this to achieve the bright effect under her eyes. I really love the formulation of this product, but it's not as brightening as I thought it would be. The packaging is also a little inconvenient if you're not an artist that uses it on multiple people. The good news is it does come in pan form. This product is something that would definitely work better for deeper, warmer skintones. I'm pretty sure that's why YouTube doesn't talk about this anymore. It's moved on the similar products from other brands like NYX and Anastasia. I haven't tried those other products yet, so I can't make a comparison.

And last but not least:

Rhoto Drops

I bought this product to buy the recommendation of Jaclyn Hill. You see, I suffer from dry eyes. I watched her talk about these drops over a year ago and she made it seem like God's gift to pupils by emphasizing its ability to completely clear up redness.  Even though it does clear up redness,  it burns like a mofo! Why anyone would want to make a product that burns eyes is beyond me. And every time I use it, people accuse me of being high.

-"Why else would you need eye drops. " *wink wink* 
 - "Ugh, because I have dry eyes ya f*ckin' tweaker."

That concludes my first round of YouTube regrets but I'm certain there'll be more. I just can't help but  be suckered into buying cosmetics on the recommendation of the internet famous. Anyways, I'd love to read about your product regrets and your favorites in the comments.

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