September Favorites 2015

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It’s (past) time for monthly favorites. I missed favorites time last month, because I’m just one of those procrastinators. Before I knew it, it was already half way through September and August Favorites no longer seemed relevant. I was close to giving up on favorites again this month but alas, here I am. Let’s get started before I lose steam and decided to put this off any further.

First and foremost, the thing I’ve been gravitating towards consistently all month is my MAC paint pot in Layin’ Low.  I was in the market for a matte cream eye shadow base that is flesh toned. Painterly and soft ochre are way too light, quite natural and groundwork are too dark, and camel coat looks a bit too grey and consequently ashy. I like it a lot. It works well. It cancels out the discoloration on my lid and really holds onto my shadow.  There are times when I feel more comfortable layering it over another primer. That usually happens when my lids are too gosh darn dry and I need some assistance smoothing it over the lid. It’s just the $22 price tag I had a hard time justifying for a while. This is my first paint pot but I feel like they last a long time. Pair that with the back to MAC program and that’s enough for me to justify the price. If they hike it up like they did with the lipsticks we might just have a problem.

My second favorite is the Maybelline Chaotic mascara. I find that I gravitate towards mascara’s with a crazy brush head like this. Natural bristles that are set close enough to achieve separation without clumping, but far enough away to effectively build volume over multiple coats. Read an in-depth review here.

When Milani released the Amore Matte Lip Creams, their version of a liquid lipstick, I only had the opportunity to snag one from a display that had been heavily picked over, but that shade is my everything! Embrace, described by Milani as a deep reddish plum, has displaced Maybelline’s Divine Wine as my go to classic fall lip pick. I even featured it in my I Heart Fall/Fall Favorites Tag. I find the formula comfortable for a liquid lipstick. It’s opaque, layers nicely if you need it to, it doesn’t dry out the lips and doesn’t transfer once it sets. I haven’t seen this product in stores in quite a while, but they are still available online at

In September I added two new products to my brow routine. The Wet ‘n’ Wild brow kit in ash brown (which, I believe is the only color it comes in) has been my jam for about 6 weeks. There’s just something about using powder with an angled brush that makes the texture of the brows look more natural. You can definitely achieve the infamous instagram brow with this product too if that’s your prerogative. I like this product because it’s cost effective and it happens to be the perfect shade for my brows.

The only downside to the Wet ‘n’ Wild brow kit is the wax that it comes with. I don’t trust it. The only thing the kit wax really does is give the powder something to grab onto, it doesn’t do anything to tame your natural brow hairs, it also makes me feel like my brows are slipping off throughout the day.  Not cute. So instead of using the wax that comes in the kit I’ve supplemented it with Milani’s brow wax. This stuff is no joke! I feel like straight up glue stick on my brow would have the exact same effect. It tames the brows and holds onto the powder but then again, so does glues stick if you feel the need to be more cost effective.

That’s it for September favorites. As you can tell, I kept it pretty basic in September by not making enough of an effort to try a lot of new products. I definitely need to up my game in October. That being said I’d love to know what beauty products you’ve been loving!


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