October Favorites 2015

Hello and Welcome to Saving Face Beauty! 

  • Wolfe Brothers water activated face paint.  I was very uneasy about working with water-activated paints because I had such a difficult time with the Snazaroo paints last year,  but Wolfe Brothers offers a much better quality alternative for the mivey. They're more opaque,  buildable, they set evenly, and they're cost effective. 
  • Sonia Kashuk Eye on Beauty al Matte Palette (I have the older version). I've been loving this palette fir the darker colors. The Browns,  greys and the black l used to sketch,  fill in and outlinecertain details with almost all of my FX Friday looks. They're also just really good Eyeshadows. 
  • Graftobian Glamour Cream palette s in Warm (for me) and Cool (for my friend). These cream colors can be used as fiundatiin, Concealers or cream contours and I used this palette as all of those for a lion look I did in my friend and practiced on myself. I like thus palette more as a concealer and highlighr and contour palette than as a foundation palette.  I just feel more comfortable with liquid foundations.  That's just how I choose to live my life. Respect.
  • NYX Conceal, Correct and Contour palettes in Light (for my friend) and Dark (for me). These Concealers are very dry, so I don't use them for concealing under eyes or as foundation, but it works pretty well for contour and highlight, unless you're extremely dry or have dry patches.
  • Cody Air Spun Powder. I bought this as a recommendation by Patrickstarrr.  This powder has a smell that's reminiscent of grandma, but it sets liquids and creams like no other. I primarily used this powder this month to set the grease paints I used from the "MUFE" Flash Palette.  But if you can get past the smell,  it works to set any kind of foundation and concealer. 
  • Mehron Clown White. I like this product because it's a thick cream makeup that allows for maximum opaque coverage and prefer but over a regular grease paint. I wish this formula would come in more colors, but as the name would suggest,  this is reserved for white only.
  • Lately I have been reaching for my Immitation"MUFE" Flash palette. I call this an Immitation palette because I bought it on eBay for like $12 and yes, it came from China. I ordered this back in February, but didn't start to use it until more recently. That's because this is from China and I was afraid I would go blind somehow be poisoned slowly from using it. It works fine though,  as well as you would expect a grease paint to,  the only thing is you have to set it with a powder and probably a spray on top of that. If you're interested,  I would suggest looking it up on ebay to try it out first before you throw down $99 for the real thing at Sephora.  If you're feeling uneasy about the quality ir safety if this priduct,  youtuber Julia Graf also enjoys this product and has not complained about it yet. But if you do want to spring for the real thing wait until Sephora has a friends and family sake ir a VIB sale for 20% off.  Like I said,  $99 is too much to spend on grease paint that you don't know if you'll like. Ben Nye and Kryolan offer legit alternatives as well.
  • Morphe Brow Palette.  I have no one talk about this product at all. I know thi is marketed as a brow palette,  and it's fine did that too. However,  the ashy tones in a majority lend itself to contouring as well, and I find it to be very good for that purpose. Unlike many of the contour palettes on the market you can be sure that you're getting cool tones with this palette, it's more affordable and you can use it as eyeshadow in a pinch.
  • MAC MSF in Global Glow and Hard Candy Tiki Bronzer. This month hasn't just been about blood and guts,  I've been revisiting these two products that were staples in my strobing routine. The highlight I've been going for has been more subtle and these products compliment my skin tone and do give me a beautiful subtle glow.
  • Last but not least the skin care routine.  Wearing heavy FX makeup almost non the daily can take a toll on the skin. Since my skin is already dry and the weather is getting colder,  I like deep clean my pores, exfoliate and hydrate. My go-to skincare products this month are Cetaphil Moisturizing cream,  Purity facial cleanser,  embryolisse and Arcana exfoliator.

That's it for October's Favorites. I'm not gonna lie,  this October took a lot out if me and it really challenged me and pushed my limits. For the time being, I'm glad I can take a break,  but I know I'll miss all the excitement as soon as the holidays are over and the new year rolls around.  I would love to make next year kind of epic.

Thanks for reading and Remember:

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