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It’s been a hot minute since the last manicure I posted. The truth is I’ve been completely uninspired to do my nails. I’m kind of  in a funk, and that’s a problem.

Fortunately I came across a new gel polish formula from Wet n Wild. I’ve always been a fan of the Megalast formula because: the brush is the ideal width to be able to cover a large surface area with minimal streakage, most shades are opaque in one coat, it dries in a decent amount of time and they’re only $1.99.

With the new one step gel polishes you get a new formula, new packaging, over 10 new shades and a new price. The retail value of the One Step Gel Wonder polishes is a whopping $4.99. If you’re doing the math, that’s a 150% increase from the Megalast.  Damnskys! Let’s see is the product is worthy of the price tag.



When I consider the name of this product  the “One Step Gel Wonder,” I think to myself that I won’t need a base coat or a top coat, but I’ll still get the ultra shiny and plump-looking finish of a gel manicure. Not the case. This “gel” polish dries into a rough texture, meaning it seems a little bumpy and there’s no shine to the finish whatsoever. Though it does look great when I apply a heaping helping of Seche Vite.   


If I’m being completely honest, I have nothing good to say about the Gel Wonder formula, especially in comparison to that of the original Megalast.  That being said I don’t think the 150% price increase is at all justified.

The only saving grace of this product is the amazing shade range. Don’t get me wrong, none of these shades are groundbreaking or unique by any means, they are just shades that Wet n Wild recognizes as being popular. I went into Walgreens expecting to pay $2 per bottle and was planning to pick up half the range. The whole $5 thing threw me for a loop, so I only picked up two shades. But the two shades I got are really good.

The first shade, ‘Under My Plum,’ is a beautiful burgundy with a hint of purple (essentially a plum). Even though December is over, we’re still in the throes of winter and this just seems like the most appropriate kind of shade.


The second shade, ‘Stay Classy’ is my current favorite  nude, It’s just the most flattering pinky-mauve. It’s not too cool toned and not too warm toned. It’s just the best. I would have no problem wearing this to my wedding. Not that I’m getting married.


If you’ve tried the new Wet n Wild polishes I’d love to know what you think and which shades you have!

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