Manicure Monday: Essie Tart Deco

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I haven't done a Manicure Monday in at least a month because I was trying to go natural in the nail department. 

Long story short, it didn't work out for me. They grew out but they were so brittle that they would break and snag all the time. 

After that ordeal, I decided that I could never deprive myself of a good acrylic manicure again.

Tarte Deco, the color I have on my nails is a cult favorite from Essie that is ideal for Spring and especially Summer.


Although this color is nothing new, this is my first experience with it. Tarte Deco is muchtighter on the nails than it seems in the bottle. This is a bright color on its own, but against an olive, tan or deep skin tone it really stands out. That being said, this bright coral is not a unique shade. There are a lot of polishes that will give you a similar result,  but if you have this I'm your collection, maybe it's time to pull her out again because she's a keeper.


If you like these kinds of shades or have something similar in mind that you think I should try, leave eat suggestion in the comments or tag me on Instagram and Twitter so I can see how beautiful it looks on you! 


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