Hump Day Haul: Camera Ready Cosmetics

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We’ve gathered here today because I have placed an order that needs to be shard with the world.

Keep in mind:

This is an overview of the things I bought,

With the money I earned,

Doing things I don’t like,

For people who don’t appreciate them.  

Before we get into the haul, I just want to talk about Camera Ready Cosmetics briefly. Camera Ready Cosmetics, otherwise known as CRC, is a site that sells makeup products and caters to the industry professional. Artists specializing in beauty, special effects, television, editorial or beyond will find something worth while to include in their professional kits from professional brands including: Ben Nye, Mehron, Graftobian, RCMA, La Femme and Yabby. In recent years CRC has attempted to expand its reach to makeup enthusiasts (like moi) and other consumers by offering products from consumer brands like Stila, Becca, Japonesque and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics in addition to products from brands that have been thoroughly hyped on the inter-webs such as Zuca, Z-Palette, Benjibelle and Velour. With a selection like that it’s hard not to find something that doesn’t peak the interest.

This time my mission was to stock up on supplies for FX Friday. First and foremost I needed a variety of water-activated face paints. In terms of water-activated face paints I really don’t have anything in my collection besides a sole, over-priced Snazaroo paint cake in white.  I needed lots of color without spending lots of money, so I gravitated to the Wolfe Brothers palettes because they come with six colors and retail for $16 a piece. The palettes come in four varieties of which I purchased three, including the Essential palette (to have all the basics), the Skinz palette (it can be important to have flesh tones to blend in with any other effects in use for a more realistic outcome), and the Monster palette (for all those undead looks). I had to forgo the Metallix palette for the moment.   

I also picked up Graftobian’s Dish of Face Paint in Deep Sea Green. This was an extra color I wanted that wasn’t included in any of the other palettes.

To compliment the face paints I included Ben Nye LiquiSet in with the order. This product, as I understand it, is meant to be used as an activator for powder or dry cake products like liner and, conveniently, face paints. The benefit of using this as opposed to water is it’s meant to prolong the life of the makeup. Imagine creating abeautiful sugar skull and going off to a party where you start sweating, and the beautiful sugar skull you slaved over is dripping off your face. Using LiquiSet makes your makeup water-resistant. I haven’t tried it yet but I’m very hopeful.

Have you every purchased from from Camera Read Cosmetics before? If you what did you buy? If not, what would you buy?

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