FX Friday FOTD: AHS Twisty the Clown

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Did I ever mention that I love Halloween? Cause I do. This is the second look in the Halloween version of Face of the Day Friday.

Last year I watched Alex Faction’s Twisty the Clown tutorial and was immediately inspired. I initially tried to recreate his look sometime around April or May. Even though it didn’t look terrible it definitely wasn’t everything I had dreamed of. I didn’t have water-activated face paint so I had to make due with the Ebay (and probably arsenic-laden) version of the MUFE Flash palette, black gel liner, classic red lipstick and the Spirit variety of Bloody Scab, which is actually pretty effective. This time, I’m a little happier with the result. Don’t get me wrong; it’s nowhere near as good as Alex Faction’s interpretation, but it’s something I can be satisfied with for the moment. By the way, Alex is doing something amazing on his Youtube channel right now. It’s called 31 Days of Halloween and as you might imagine, the idea is that he’ll be presenting a different Halloween tutorial everyday of the month!!! My favorites so far are the Mummy, the Burn Victim and Zombie Toad tutorials. Check it out if you’re looking for inspiration. 

Products Used:

Start off with a clean, moisturized and primed face. After cleansing I used Embryolisse as a moisturizer and primer since I find that it evens texture in addition. 

I used an angled liner brush with a black eyeshadow to outline the shape of the mouth. If I make a mistake, eyeshadow is easier to correct than paint to gel liner. 

As depicted, I used a Sedona Lace large concealer brush to fill in the teeth. When doing this step, it's best to find a brush that's already the shape you want the teeth to be. Otherwise it can become very tedious to draw out each individual tooth and expect them to be similar. That's what happened in my first attempt. I didn't have a brush I liked for the teeth so I sketched each tooth with white liner pencil. It wasn't very cute and was probably my downfall since the mouth is the most important part of the look.  

Here I finished both rows of teeth and went over the black shadow with face paint. The face paint I'm using is the Wolfe Brothers Essential Palette. 

I used the red in the palette with a small rounded concealer brush to fill in the gums and blended the red in with the black around the edges. 

I ten took a small detail brush to define the edges of the teeth with a medium brown color with a strong red undertone. 

I used MAC Prolonger Eyeshadow in Uninterrupted and a fluffy crease brush to make the teeth look more dingy. 

In this picture the ding has been applied. I've also outlined the teeth agiain with a darker burgundy colored shadow and blended black shadow around the edges of the mouth to diffuse the harsh black line. 

Oh, I almost forgot that I applied the first layer of Mehron's Clown White with the Elf Small Stipple brush. 

2015-10-08 03.14.53 1_20151008201234657.jpg

Here I took a long this brush and added the pointy things around the eyes, after which I took an angled liner brush with black shadow to shade the outer sides of the pointy things. As you can tell, I highly value the use of technical terms. 

I also made two additional lines on either side of the nose to indicate where the mask is coming up. 

I tried to add a little texture by lightly stippling some black gel liner and additional clown white randomly around the face.  

Here, I took a warm purple color all around the eyes with a fluffy crease brush and lined the eyes with a red lipliner. 

I also added whatever that line is on the forehead and round the edges of the face with black faceprint. I took a flat definer brush and faded the inside edges with black shadow and further blended it out with a red shadow. 

And finally I added Ben Nye Fresh Scab all around the face. 

That's it for this week's FX Friday, hope you enjoyed. If you missed last week's FX Friday or Wednesday's Hump Day Haul, click on the links below. 

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Now for the important stuff, do you watch American Horror Story? Are you watching AHS Hotel? If so, what are your thoughts? 

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