Favorite Strobing Products plus Best Idea Ever!

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Before we get to Strobing, I need to come clean about some feelings I’ve been having for a while. You know that song ‘Safe and Sound’ by Capital Cities? I truly think it should be converted into an advertisement for a condom campaign.

The commercial will start off as a spring parade with people smiling and dancing. And then the music will start playing:

Original lyrics by Capital Cities. 

Original lyrics by Capital Cities. 

Modified Lyrics by Yours Truly!

Of course there’ll be a glitter bomb-type explosion but with [insert brand name here] variety of condoms. And glitter too I guess. I mean, why not? Glitter can be sexy.

Yumm… Best idea ever!

Now all I have to do is wait to be endorsed.


We’re not here to explore my creative genius (that was just a bonus). We’re here to talk about Strobing and the products I like to use to achieve that ‘Freshly Projectile Vomited-Upon by a Unicorn’ look.

Forget everything you knew about contouring because those rules no longer apply. Strobing is a slightly different beast. What this method comes down to is an intense highlighting of the high points of the face with no focus on carving out certain features with shading.

My interpretation involves several layers of highlighting: A liquid luminizer to mix in with my base, blush and three (light, medium and deep) levels of highlighter. 

Favorite Products:

  •    Buxom Divine Goddess Luminizer in Venus
  •    Milani baked blush in Delizioso Pink

Buxom Divine Goddess Luminizer in Venus and Milani Baked Blush in Delizioso Pink 

  •  MAC Mineralized Skin Finishes in Global Glow and Soft and Gentle
  •    The Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer
MAC Mineralized Skin Finishes in Soft and Gentle (top) and Global Glow (bottom). 

MAC Mineralized Skin Finishes in Soft and Gentle (top) and Global Glow (bottom). 

                    The Balm's Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter

  •   Eco Tools Fan Brush
  •  Real Techniques Multi Tasker brush
  •   Sonia Kashuk blending brush 


First things first, I like to mix the Buxom Divine Goddess Luminizer in with my foundation. One part liquid luminizer to two parts foundation is my ratio of choice for this method. That might seem like a lot, but this product compliments my skin tone really well and it’s not overly shimmery, it just gives a healthy summer glow.

Now it’s time for blush. I grab my Real Techniques Multi Tasker brush and apply a light dusting of Milani’s Delizioso Pink, concentrating on the apples and diffusing upward. I like using blush for a natural flush that adds dimension to the cheek area without shading. 

Since there’s no contour involved, I like to layer different shades of highlight to give a slightly more multi-dimensional look.

With my big ol’ fan brush I dip into my deepest highlight, which is MAC’s Global Glow, and dust it messily over the highpoints of the face: Forehead, cheeks, down the bridge of the nose and chin.

Then I flip over the fan brush and go into Soft and Gentle, which is my second deepest highlight, and do a more careful and concentrated application in the same places in addition to the cupid’s bow, the bottom of the lip and the brow bone area.

Lastly taking a big fluffy blending brush and my lightest highlight, Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm, I’ll do precision highlighting on the very tip of the nose, the highest points of the cheekbones, the inner corners of the eyes and ever so slightly on the brow bone. With this lightest shade I skip the forehead and the chin.

And then I bathe in setting spray. 

Strobing is by far my favorite trend to have ever been made popular the virtual world of self-proclaimed  Beauty Gurus and Instagram selfitis sufferers. Too bad its status has become 'sooo last week.' No matter. A true makeup enthusiast doesn't need a reason to justify having a strong highlight game. 

As always I'd love to hear your feedback, but only if it's constructive because #bitcheshavefeelings too. 

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