Favorite Bronzing Products

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In addition to adding SPF 50 into my daily regimen I'm pulling out all of my favorite bronzing products because skin cancer doesn't look good on anyone.


Makeup Forever Pro Bronze Fusion

First and foremost,  my go-to bronzer for the past two weeks has been the Makeup Forever Pro Bronze Fusion. This bronzer comes in six shades of which I settled on the second deepest in 30M. This is a sheer formula with a satin finish which I love because I can never go overboard with product. Even though this looks like a really deep reddish color, it never looks like I'm going overboard, which is the problem I have with other bronzers.

Maybelline BB Bronzer

When I want a glowy, natural sunkissed look I pull out the Maybelline BB Bronzer. I recently ran out (huge bummer) which is why I'm currently using this Dream Pure BB Cream in a darker shade than I intended to get. It works just as well, but I have every intention of returning to the BB Bronzer when I'm through.

Morphe Bronzer Palette

Last but not least is the Bronzer palette from Morphe.  One of the things I struggle with on the daily is having a face that is a different shade than my neck. This affliction comes from years of color matching foundations to my face instead of my neck and chest. Don't look at me like that cause we've all been there.  I use the lighter tones in this palette to warm up my neck and chest and avoid the dreaded floating head syndrome. This palette is very pigmented so if you have a heavy hand (like I sometimes do) I'd advise you to be very careful when applying these shades to the face.

That concludes my list of Bronzing Favorites! If you think I'm missing out on something, or just want to share a few if your favorites,  I'd love to hear about them in the comments!


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