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If you're anything like me, your attitude toward washing your makeup brushes is comparable to a man's attitude towards washing his underwear:

You'll wait until every single one has been used, and then you'll go back through your collection and re-use the cleaner ones (a couple more times) before you even think about washing them.

I'm just gonna come out an say it: Brush cleaning is a pain in the ass! (Pardon Ma Franch). It's one of the necessary evils of wearing makeup. That and trying to get the attention of the self-absorbed sales girl at the MAC counter.

I ordered an (immitation) Brush Egg from Amazon hoping to make the cleaning process a little less excruciating. Spoiler: It does!


Before the Brush Egg, I didn't use anything to clean my brushes besides soap, water and my bare, pruney hands. After incorporating it into my cleansing routine, I've noticed that washing time has been reduced by 75%!

The deepness of the ridges is what makes the Brush Egg so effective. The ridges are not so deep that your brush will get aught up in the cracks, but they're not so shallow that it becomes ineffective.

The awkward bumps near the top are more so for smaller eyeshadow and concealer brushes,  but the area isn't large enough to be effective enough for my purposes.

Thatbing said, even though the Brush Egg comes in a few colors (pink, purple, tea and possibly black) it does not come in any other styles. I obviously like the ridges, but I wish it would come in some other textures as well.

The Brush Egg is for someone who wants a product that is made especially for brush cleaning, is effective, but doesn't want to spend any additional money for the Sigma cleaning tools, or if you only have a small number of brushes that need to be cleaned.

As previously mentioned, I bought the Brush Egg on Amazon for $5-$6. If you're at all interested I say why not? Life is too short to spend washing makeup brushes.


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