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Have you ever heard of the show Doomsday Preppers?

If you haven't,  it's a show about paranoid individuals (and sometimes whole families) who take extreme measures to prepare for catastrophic events: Nuclear fallout,  zombie apocalypse,  or even a planet of the apes situation. 

They build bunkers underground,  collect fire arms with ammunition, and their food storage sometimes consisting of fives years worth of sustenance (that's not just a sh*t ton of Twinkies) looks very impressive.

Normal people would look at that and say "It's great that they're being proactive but don't you think that's a little, excessive? "

The cashier that did my checkout while I was buying all of these highlighters basically said the same thing to me but only with her eyes.

Normal people (aka Non-Beauty Enthusiasts) don't understand what it's like when a brand releases something absolutely gorgeous and has the nerve to make it Limited Edition! But we do. I'm looking at you MAC Whisper of Guilt,  Estee Lauder Heat Wave, and let's not forget the original Lorac Mega Pro palette!  

Like a Doomsday Prepper, by stocking up on all these highlighters I'm just trying to plan for an uncertain future where these products (and therefore my On Fleek-ness) may not exist. What's the harm in that?

These powder highlighters are some of the best products I've ever tried from Wet n Wild, and among the best highlighters the drugstore has to offer.  

They're soft and pigmented. The packaging is sleek, they both double as an eyeshadow and they retail for $3.99 each. What's not to love?

I was in a "Why the Hell Not" kind of mood while at Walgreens so I picked up all of the MegaGlo Multi-Sticks as well. 

I don't have a lot of cream highlighters but these are unlike any other I've tried. When you use a traditional cream highlighter like Watts Up from Benefit or MAC'S cream color base in Shell you might notice that they don't set. They stay creamy until they melt or rub off. In the case of Flower Beauty, the stick highlighter is a cream to powder formula that applies smoothly but changes consistency when it turns into a powder and looks different than it did when you applied it. If that's the case, why not just use a powder in the first place? 

The Wet n Wild Multi-Sticks dry down enough to stay in place without having to layer them with a powder highlight, but still gives off a very dewy look on the skin. 

If you're interested in any of the Products from this limited edition collection, I suggest you snatch them up quick like I did before they're gone! But if you're not into the hype, I suggest you stay tuned for more affordable highlighter options that are permanent. K


Did you have a chance to snatch these gem up in your local drugstore? What are your favorite affordable highlighting products? I'd love to know in the comments. Or if you'd rather show me, take me on instagram @savingfacebeauty or on Twitter @savinfacebeauty.


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