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I feel like I've been spending all of my time (and all of my money) at Ulta lately but it's okay because if I didn't I wouldn't have been able to bring you this review.

I picked up the Highlight and Contour palette from NYX recently, not so much because I was on the hunt for a contour palette, but because I just felt like taking a chance. For the sake of science of course. I've had this palette for a good month, I've used it several times and I've definitely made my mind up as to how I feel about it.

This palette come with three shades: Highlight, Contour and Shimmer. In this review I'll be evaluating each shade separately and at the end I'll sum up my thoughts on the palette as a whole.


The Shimmer

The shimmer was the one aspect of this palette that I was looking forward to the least. As you can see from the picture the much lighter color you get when the cream is swatched is much different than the color that appears when the cream is left undisturbed.

It's not the best cream, highlighter I've ever used by any means. It's a basic champagne that leans more silver than it does gold or pink. I'd say it would look more suitable for someone with a cooler and lighter skin tone than mine. When applied to the skin, the chunks of shimmer are mote noticeable. As far as cream highlighters go, you're better off with a tried and true higher-end alternative like the poured Shimemring Skin Perfectors from Becca or Watts Up from Benefit. However, we all know no one's gonna buy this palette just for shimmer (and rightly so), but for some the usability of the highlight will be a factor in justifying the $15 price tag. 


The Contour

Quite the opposite of the shimmer, thecontour shade is the main draw of the palette. Whether or not a prospective buyer likes the contour shade will determine whether or not they buy the palette.

I was determined to leave with one of these palettes (you know, for science) the problem was I couldn't decide whether I should buy it in the Medium shade, which was the shade that would have been the best match for my skin tone, or the deep shade, the shade that actually contained a cool-toned contour. Against my better judgement I went with the medium shade.

I'm not exactly sure I like the contour shade at all. It's too warm for my personal taste, which is what I was afraid of., but it can still work as a contour.

At the very least, it'll work fine as a bronzer. 

The Highlight

The highlight shade was the only shade in the palette that I wasn't completely disappointed by. It actually compliments my skin tone nicely. This was the one component I was expecting to like the least but ended up liking the most.

It takes over the highlighting responsibilities of my concealer which is great because

As far as the Medium NYX Highlight and Contour palette is concerned, the highlight shade is a winner. 



The Palette

The packaging is very compact and sleek but also slightly cheap feeling. It comes with a diagram on the back for application, which is nice to have but I feel like it's not really necessary. If someone is already looking for a contour palette, they're seen one of those crazy contouring videos on Instagram and should already know how one is supposed to work. If someone doesn't know what this palette does they wouldn't bother to figure out the diagram, they would just move on to NYX's amazing lip products and not give it a second thought. Contouring is a very precise art. If there's anything that could improve upon the packaging, it would be a mirror. 

Next I just want to talk about to the formula a little. Or a lot. If you're familiar with the Highlight, Conceal and Contour palette NYX released a year or two ago (the palette that remind me of the MAC Pro Concealer Palettes) the formula is the exact same. The cream is on the drier side and the hard to blend with a brush or a finger. I went so far as to put the palette between my legs for a good 20 minutes hoping the cream would warm up and soften to the point where it could be applied and blended easily. Unfortunately I had no such luck with the creams. If you have oily skin it might wear better for you, but once again I fell like your might have trouble with the application. I'm under the impression the Anastasia Beverly Hills cream Contour shades can be a little hard to work with as well. From reviews I've watched on the products, I've seen people mix in a beauty oil to make those creams more wearable. But you shouldn't have to add in an oil to make this product work. It should just work.

NYX is a good brand that can do a lot of things well. Unfortunately, I don't think this Cream Highlight and Contour Palette isn't one of them. If this came in a powder version and formula was as soft and pigmented as the Ombre Blushes from NYX, that might have been a success. It seems like the brand was trying to capitalize on a trend without putting any additional effort into research or product development. The result is that it didn't work out so well.


I don't know if you can tell by now but I don't like this product at all. It was a waste of $15 and the only good thing that came out of it was this review. If you didn't like the Conceal, Correct and Contour palettes, you probably won't like this so save your money. If you do like those palettes just use that. There's no need to spend additional money on a less thought out version of essentially the same thing.

Alternatively, I'd like to suggest The Stila Highlight and Contour Duos which retail for $40. 

This is on the more expensive side, but it's very creamy and very pigmented. Use it with your finger or a brush and skip putting it between your legs. $40

If you've tried the NYX Highlight and Contour Palette I'd love to know what your thoughts are. And if you actually like it, I'd love to know how you use it.


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