Best vs. Worst Hair Day


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Today I'm just getting a little frustrated with my hair and it reminds me of a time when I was the most frustrated with the person that was doing my hair.

It was a mild day in April 2011. It just so happened that my cousin was getting married that day and I was in the wedding party. A bridesmaid to be exact.


My instructions were to:

1. Wash my hair.

2. Blow it out

3. Meet her at hair and makeup


As you can imagine,  I was very skeptical.  


Me: "She knows I'm black, right?"

My cousin: "Yeah, I told her."

Me:  "And she told you she could do negro hair?"

My cousin: "Hahaha! Yes. She can do African American hair."

She couldn't.  

I realize I just ruined the ending for you but, C'est La Vie,  right?

Also: Just to get this out of the way, I was the only one present that was any kind of black. My cousin is not. She has that good hair.


Back then, doing my hair was a struggle. I didn't know how to moisturize that properly so my hair just look like a dry, brittle tumbleweed sitting on top of my head. Besides, my instructions didn't include any kind of oil or moisturization. When I arrived both of the ladies that were working looked at me like  "Ummm...the f*ck did we get ourselves into?"

They started me off with makeup, I assume so they could develop a game plan and for the hair. The rest of the party was doing was curls with a modest bump made popular at the time by this show called Jersey Shore.

This b*tch just start curling my hair while it was still in its tumbleweed state! She didn't even bother straighten it first!

I asked if you was going to straighten it first and she said that the curling iron she was using would provide smooth curls without having to straighten it. It didn't. Period. My hair looked just as bad as you might imagine. Probably worse. It looked like someone took a curling wand to a tumbleweed and then had the audacity to put a bump on top of it!

This is someone who claims to be a licensed cosmetologist, meaning she went to school for hair, and claimed she could to do African American hair. She lied about at least one of those.

I should've just straightened it the night before. It's not like she would have even known. I mean I blame her for being incompetent when it comes to ethnic hair, but I also blame myself for not being more persistent.

I look so disgusting in every single one of those wedding photos, which is probably why my cousin chose to leave the wedding album with her folks instead of keeping it herself.

That's where I pulled these gems!


Don't you hate when the Maid of Honor gets to wear a dress that makes some kind of sense?

Hey, Your girl has muscles. They're just not in her arms. 
Pretending the situation to the left isn't happening while in a hand-made dress that isn't doing me any favors. 
"I'd like to submit my formal resignation please."

They're so lucky I can't remember the name of the salon or else I'd still be writing scathing reviews on Yelp! If you are any kind of ethnic and live in the Puyallup Washington area, do not go to this place!

On the flip side there was a positive experience I had a year or two ago. Yasuda is a modern,  upscale, Seattle based salon that specializes in African hair types. A friend of mine took me as a birthday surprise. The woman she made the appointment with happened to be white and I thought to myself "Here we go again." But she must have some kind of mixed Negro baby because she executes my wash and style flawlessly! I'm not sure what kind of products used, or what kind of straightener she had ( probably a GHD)  cut my hair is never looked as good as it did on that day.

They do natural styles too.

If you're black and happen to be in or around of the Seattle area and are in need of quality ethnic hair care, at least check out Vasuda's website and if you're feeling it, maybe set up a consultation?

As always, if you feel so bold as to share you good or bad hair day stories, I'd love to read them!


Thanks for reading and remember :

Don't Just Wear Makeup, Let it Inspire You!