Lorac Nude Necessities Palette Reaction

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The name says it all. This palette looks perfectly basic, but in a good way.

When I first saw the Nude Necessities palette on Instagram,  my heart skipped a beat.

There are some people that might say “Are you kidding me?  Another neutral palette?”

That's how you know they're not a true beauty enthusiast.  If they were, they would know that, when it comes to neutral eyeshadow palettes, there's always room for improvement.  Formula,  shade selection,  price point. You get the idea.

Long story short,  I went to Ulta to do some investigating.

This Ulta exclusive on simplistic but classic gunmetal packaging. A nice step up from the familiar cardboard.  The price is also an improvement.

The 12-shade Nude Necessities palette comes with 0.6 oz of product and retails for $30.

The similarly priced Lorac Pro Matte and Pro Metal palettes come with 0.14 oz of product and retail for $28.

That's nearly 4.5 times more product (I think) for an extra two bucks.

When I crunched the numbers it seems like a no brainer, but then I swatched it.

The texture was consistent with the traditional Lorac Formula we all know and love. Soft, yet dusty. However, the color payoff is another story. I keep seeing all these amazing swatches online but all I got was this:


I swatched all the shades by the way but you can't even see them all!

If they don't show up on my hand, how will they show up on my eyes?

I know that swatching isn’t the be all end all when it comes to testing out a new product, but makeup companies should know that swatches are important to consumers.

I also know that the goal of this palette is to create natural looking definition on the eye in a ‘No Makeup, Makeup’ kind of way.  But, once again, if it doesn't show up at all, what's the point?  Ya know?

I just don't think there's enough contrast between these shades.  I fear that almost every eye look one might try to create will look similar.  

That being said, I’m a mixed chick and my extra melanin might be getting in the way of effective swatches. If that's the problem I’d like to remind Lorac that #blacklivesmatter.

In the end, I didn't buy the palette. Instead I bought a concealer.

I usually don't like first impression “reviews” because I think it's not very helpful to review a product that you’ve only tried once.  I wouldn't call this a review,  instead I would call it a reaction. I would think reactions are more helpful to companies as constructive criticism. They should know what our expectations are as consumers. Right?  

Do you have any experience with this palette?  If so what are your thoughts?  If not, are you thinking about buying it?

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