Manicure Monday: Shatter Nails Tutorial

Hello, and Welcome to Saving Face Beauty!

If you've spent any amount of time on this blog you might know that even though I do appreciate nail art, I'm not very good at it. Like, at all.Then I saw some kind of nail art genius do these shatter nails on instagram and I died! Then I told myself "Hey, you can't do these shatter nails if you're dead." Talk about unfinished business.

You'll need a few things for this manicure:

  • Cellophane. Something you can find at Michael's in the gift wrapping section. The iridescent variety works best. 
  • A dark polish. I'm using Mighnight Merlot by Nails INC. but black works too.
  • A quick drying top coat. I'm using seche vite.  

Step One:

The first thing you'll want to do is cut some cellophane into small shards. Brace yourself because this process is a b*tch! The pieces are so tiny, they're practically clear, and they stick to everything!

Step Two:

Start with a blank canvas.

Step Three:

Apply two coats of your dark base.

Step Four:

After your base polish has dried completely strategically apply your cellophane shards to your nails with a pair of tweezers or a wax pencil. I used my brow wax pencil.

Step Five:

Seal your manicure with two thick coats of your favorite topper.


That's it you guys! Hope you enjoyed this manicure. If you recreate this look be sure to tag me on instagram or twitter. And if you have an easier way of doing shatter nails, for goodness sake please tell me how in the comments! 

Thanks For Reading and Remember:

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