Hump Day Haul: Colour Pop

Hello, and Welcome to Saving Face Beauty!

I hope you’re all excited because this is my very first Colour Pop order!

Here’s to Colour Pop-ping my cherry!

Get it? See what I did there?


Colour Pop, like E.L.F. and BH Cosmetics, is one of those makeup brands where all of the individual products are priced so well that I start blindly adding things until, all of a sudden, I have over $200 worth of product in my basket. And then I get that pop up window that asks if I want to check out or continue shopping.  That’s when I nonchalantly That’s when I close out the tab and continue watching makeup collection videos on Youtube like nothing every happened, but secretly longing for the day when I’ll be ballin’ enough to click that checkout button and choose expedited shipping. Hurray for knowing exactly what you want in life! #goals

This time, with a lot of self control I managed to grab a satisfactory assortment of products from the brand.

I believe the only new product I picked up was the lippie stick in Rayezor created in collaboration with “ItsMyRayeRaye” on Youtube. Honestly I’ve never heard of her before, but I decided to subscribe anyway. I figure if she’s capable of producing a product that I feel comfortable spending a few bucks on she probably deserves some extras support.  Probably. 

The next lippiestick in Lumiere is in collaboration with KathleenLights on Youtube. I have been coveting this lippiestick since it was initially released. I just seems like a great warm-toned neutral shade for a GOC - Girl of Color. 

The last lippie stick I picked up was in the shade Ellarie which is a collaboration by a youtube beauty guru by the same name. Colour Pop discribes this shade as a “Deep sultry cranberry in a matte finish” with directions from Ellarie herself to “Wear with confidence.” Yumm…

Next is the Teeny Tiny Ultra Matte Lipstick in. I would describe this as a wearable greige, kind of like an alternative for MAC’s stone lipstick.

In addition to all of the lippies I picked up three cheek products.

A blush in Between the Sheets. 

And two highlighters in Wisp and Butterfly Beach.  

Last but not least, a Super Shock shadow in Sequin

That concludes my super small Colour Pop haul! I'd love to know what your favorite Colour Pop products are! I need inspiration for my next haul.

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