Mask Monday: Yogurt and Honey DIY

Hello, and Welcome to Saving Face Beauty!

My skin is on the drier side and as you can imagine,  winter is a dry-skinned girl’s worst nightmare.  

For the past 2-3 weeks my skin has been flaking and peeling uncontrollably, and in the most unattractive ways. It got so bad that I felt uncomfortable wearing any kind of face makeup. That's a big problem when you're a makeup enthusiast. It's also why I’ve been focusing so much on skincare lately.

During this time of year exfoliation and hydration are key. The scrubs I use are okay, but I needed something gentle enough to use more consistently.

Then I remembered that yogurt masks are a thing.

The lactic and alpha hydroxy acids in yogurt dissolve dead skin cells, prevent breakouts, help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and promote a natural glow to the skin according to Liz Thompson from the  In addition, it’s said that Cleopatra used to bathe in milk every night for radiant, soft skin. I’m lactose intolerant,  but if slathering it on the skin is good enough miss Cleo, it's good enough for me.

The first time I made this mask, I used whatever I had lying around.  I combined the 0% fat version of Chobani Greek yogurt,  Kroger brand honey and a sprinkling of raw coconut sugar.

Even though it worked just fine, ideally you’d want to use any kind of bougie Greek yogurt with its full fat content and raw honey that's unfiltered and organic.

The coconut sugar I used dissolved instead of staying rigid like I expected.  It didn't make a positive difference as far as the mask is concerned.  

The mask itself is very drippy. It definitely does not like to stay on the face so don't use a lot of it.  I kept it on for 20-30 minutes until I could feel it drying a bit and I used my konjac sponge to wash it off. All of the flaking that was on my skin prior to application was gone!

Even though wearing it was kind of awkward,  the results are worth it and it's gentle enough to repeat several times a week.

If you happen to try this DIY Yogurt and Honey mask or have already tried something similar, let me know what you thought about it. If you have any suggestions for other masks I can try out, leave those in the comments as well.


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