L’Oreal Pro Matte Gloss Review

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When one watches all of those “What’s New at the Drugstore” videos, sometimes one can’t help but be inspired to make a few cost effective purchases for the same of science, and beauty. 

I picked up two of the L’Oreal Pro Matte Glosses from Walgreens in the shades Statement Nude and Forbidden Kiss.  The lippies retail for around $9.99.

If you’re thinking that the name of this product is contradictory (Matte Gloss) it definitely is. 

I think the purpose of this Matte Glosses is to mimic the finish of a liquid lipstick without the discomfort that goes along with that all too familiar drying feeling. 

These "glosses” are not moisturizing or hydrating at all, but they allow your lips to retain a little more moisture than you would with a liquid lipstick.  

The lack of dryness helps you avoid ‘butt hole’ lips which can be an unfortunate side effect of wearing liquid lips. 

But there are some down sides:

  1. The applicator is too big.
  2. In nearly every review I’ve seen and read on these L’Oreal Matte Glosses, the complaint is that, when first applied, it does leave a glossy or satin finish on the lips before it dries down to be completely matte. 
  3. Because the applicator is too big, the wand holds too much product. This is why people who try this it for the first time are noticing that it’s initially more glossy than it is matte. Using more product than you need will result in bleeding and lipstick teeth, among other faux pas.   
  4. This formula is definitely not a long wearing. It lasted for about 5 hours on me before it started to fade. It wasn’t that big a deal for me, since I usually take off my lipstick before I eat lunch and reapply after. The fact that it’s not long wearing is the trade off for it not being so drying.
  5. It’s hard to be precise about the application of the “gloss” because the applicator is too big. Using a lip liner will not only help prevent bleeding, but it will contribute to the staying power. 

Incase you were wondering I would not buy any more and, based on these experiences I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this to anyone else. Unless of course what i described happens to coincide with what you’re looking for in a lippie. 

That concludes this review. If you have any input on the L’Oreal Pro Matte Glosses, I’d love to read about them in the comments. 

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