July Monthly Favorites!

Hello and Welcome to Saving Face Beauty!

Guess what. It's that time of the month the again! Monthly favorites is finally here! This definitely isn't the first time I've tried to do a monthly favorites post, but it's the first time I've been able to publish. Hurray for overcoming procrastination!

I'm not gonna be one of those people who says "Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit, this month has just gone by SO FAST!"
For me, July dragged on, and on, and ON. 
A lot happened last month.

  • At the end of June I got some bad news about a co-worker. In July that bad news turned into good news. Snaps for positive vibes and good karma!
  • I attempted 'No Buy July.' Key word: attempted.
  • Champagne Pop was released and Jaclyn Hill became the Queen of my soul. (I've always loved Jaclyn, but this month was her official coronation). 
  • I hesitantly took a weekend trip to Neah Bay to see Cape Flattery (aka the northwestern most point in the continental US) and passed through Forks on the way home. Oh, the Washingtonian life.
  • My neice was born! She was named after my mom.
  • Self Discovery: I like mustard.
  • Sharknado3 premiered!
  • I learned how to use Twitter, kinda. When you get to be my age, technical things are gonna become a struggle.  (I'm 24 but I have the heart of a 68-year-old). 

Hopefully August will be just as exciting. I'd like to take another mildly outdoorsy weekend trip before the rain starts, but if nothing else I still have the Color Run this Sunday! 

My first Favorite is Strobing. This is one of those trends that caught on really fast, and fizzled out just as quickly. I still love it because it gives me a chance to revisit all those neglected highlighting products gathering dust in a drawer. For more on Strobing check out the post

Speaking of highlighters,  two have made the cut.  MAC's Mineralized Skin Finish in Global Glow, assuming you have a complimentary skin tone,  is georgous!  It's not super pigmented, which is nice because you don't have to worry about overdoing it. I like it on the face, it's great for the body as well. Love, love, love!

And MAC 's mineralized skin finish in Soft and Gentle is one of those products that has a cult following and I'm a member of that cult. I dunn drank the kool-aid ya'll and it was delicious.

MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle (Old Packaging)

Retail Price: $32.00

I've been liking Milani 's Delizioso Pink. It's a bright, matte,  classic bubblegum pink shade that provides a beautiful pop of color to the cheeks. This is my go to summer blush shade.

Calvin Klein's lipstick in Undressed is one of the more subtle  'My Lips but Better' shades. It doesn't look like much when I put it on but my top lip is kind of awkwardly pigmented and I like using this lipstick to even everything out. Sometimes I like topping it with a more colorful gloss. It's a great shade for work wear.

My last favorite is an odd, but practical one. I've been appreciating the convenience and the practicality of sterile alcohol wipes. These are little individually wrapped squares coated in 70% alchohol. I find these in the first aid section of pretty much any drugstore. These specifically are from Target and retail for $0.92. A lot of makeup artists tend to use 90%-99% alcohol to sanitize their products in between clients.  I like to use these mini wipes to spot clean some of my brushes in between regular cleanings. I only use these wipes to remove excess product on brushes I use to apply cream shadow bases and gel liner. That just prevents the product from hardening on the brush in  between uses.  I keep some in my purse because chicks at work ask to use my tweezers a lot, and I'm not about sharing hair plucking germs.

Up and Up Alcohol Prep Pads 

Retail Price: $2.00(it)

That's about it for July Favorites! I'd love to know which products you've been loving this past month!

Thanks for reading and Remember:

Don't Just Wear Makeup, Let it Inspire You!