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I thought it would be fun to do a 'Tag Tuesday' post about once a month. Today's the first. Enjoy!

What’s a beauty regimen you rarely do?

Masking. I feel like it’s something one should do weekly, but it always seems to move to the bottom of my to do list and starts to become a monthly thing. The products I use are okay but not fantastic and altogether uninspiring. If you have suggestions let me know. As long as it’s not Glam Glow. Let’s be real, I can’t be spending that kind of money on mud.

Do you wash your brushes regularly

Of course I don’t! I would equate washing brushes to a man washing his underwear. It’s not something I’m prepared to do until they’re all soiled and I’ve reused the cleaner ones a couple more times. I feel this way for a handful of reasons:

  • It's time consuming.
  • Pruney hands don't look good on me.
  • I'm not exactly thrilled with my cleansing products.
  • It’s hard for me to find a place to dry a large number of brushes where they won’t be in the way. Does it make sense to wash a smaller number of brushes more regularly? Yes, but I can’t be bothered. I’ve gotten to a comfortable place where I’ve accumulated seven or so foundation brushes, one for every day of the week, plus my Real Techniques Complexion sponge. Those are the only ones I wash consistently.

 How Long Can You Last With Chipped Nail Polish?

I’ve lasted as long as 10 days with chipped nails, but I like to redo my manicure on the weekly.  

How long will you put off replacing a beauty product?

If it’s an essential product I use on the daily, or just a product I’ve fallen in love with I won’t wait at all. I’ll start buying backups for my backup well before I’m halfway through the original. And by the time I do finish up the original product, if I ever do, it’s not uncommon for me to have found something else I like better. That’s just the wasteful life I live.

What is your Worst Beauty Habit?

I have two really bad habits.

Number One:

The need I have to maintain my own eyebrows after they’ve been waxed or threaded. After they’ve been perfectly shaped (more or less) I just don’t feel the need to continue outsourcing brow maintenance when I should be able to do it myself. Unfortunately, I’m a habitual over-plucker. I’ve been living without a tail on one brow for over a year. Over plucking is a real problem that they don’t make enough support groups for.

Number Two:

I don’t wash my face every night! I know, I know, I KNOW! I come home after a long day at work, I’m exhausted and I want to CRASH! I tell myself “I’m just going to lay down and close my eyes for like two minutes.” And then…BLACKOUT! Sometimes I have the foresight to use a couple baby wipes before hand. This isn’t an everyday occurrence but sometimes I just can’t help it when I’m essentially brain dead.

What is Something Non-Beauty Related that You Put Off Doing?

Getting my oil changed on time. We’ve all been there. I love my car, I just don’t like car maintenance. I’ve been taken advantage of on a handful of occasions because, you know, I have one of those vaginas. So I end up making every experience into a bad experience before I even go in.

Do You Leave Getting Ready until the Last Minute?

Day to day? Yes, always. I enjoy getting dolled up, but not when it comes at the expense of sleep. And I don't have anyone to impress at work so I could care less what they think I look like. When it comes to makeup, I usually do my foundation and blush at home and do my concealer, eyes, brows and lips at work. When it comes to hair I always do it the night before. If I’m going to wear it straight, I’ll straighten and wrap it at night. If I’m going to wear it curly I’ll put it in foam rollers and sleep in them. In both instances all I have to do is comb it out in the morning. Voila!

How Organized are Your Makeup and Nail Polish Collections? 

They’re not. At all. We’ll just leave it at that.

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