No Buy July Update!

Hello and Welcome to Saving Face Beauty!

You guys are my besties and you know I have no choice but to be completely honest with you about the No Buy Goals I made for July. 

I've actually accumulated enough stuff to do a haul.


I know, I know. I'm a terrible person.  I started writing this post with a cringe on my face because sometimes admitting defeat can be shameful.

Then I recalled a conversation with a coworker who suspects his friend of being an alcoholic. (I know right, that shit got real dark, real quick). This person made a goal to abstain from drinking for seven days. He only lasted for three, but it's three days longer than he would've, had he not even made that goal, right?  Moral of the story is sometimes we need to relish in the small victories. I'm not just saying that to justify my lack of self control. Well, not really.

I lasted two weeks without purchasing any new beauty products, which is two weeks longer than I would have had I not made any goals. I just got caught up in Jaclyn Hill's Champagne Pop, and I needed to add something else to my basket to get free shipping,  and I had some Sephora points I wanted to redeem. You know how that goes. Then my cousin had a baby and of course I had to celebrate by treating myself to some drugstore goodies. That totally makes sense right? Yeah, it does. Did I mention I bought a camera? But it was all for the sake of producing better quality photos for the blog. Good thing this was just a beauty No Buy.

In regards to the concept of 'No Buy July' I maintain my original thoughts for the most part. It's not something I can just jump into. Like crash dieting, it's just not healthy for me. If you're doing a No Buy for the first time, July is going to be a tough month to start because there's 31 days.  I would try setting small goals earlier in the year. Maybe a couple of two week goals, and then trying a full month of 'No Buying' in February.

I'll have a haul and swatches up as soon as I get my Sephora order in.

That's about It for me. If you participated In No Buy July this year, if you have in the past, or if you have some useful advice for me I'd love to hear about it! Maybe next July we can form a support group complete with virtual veggie platters.

Thanks for reading and Remember: 
Don't Just Wear Makeup, Let it Inspire You!