Favorite Mascara Combination of the Moment: L’Oreal Miss Manga and Essence I Heart Extreme Yumm…

Hello And Welcome to Saving Face Beauty!

I finally finished watching 'Orange is the New Black' and I appreciated it for what it was:

· An excuse to put off editing blog posts.

· Something to talk about at the water cooler.

· Inspiration to start my own dirty underwear business. I’ve read #Girlboss and I’d like to think I could be the Sophia Amaruso of sweaty draws. Ya know?

· A semi-legit reason to reincarnate my Russian accent. “Piroshkies!” I used to have a Ukrainian co-worker with a really thick accent whom I would impersonate behind her back. It’s kind of a long story … Actually, that was the whole story.

But enough of that, we should probably get to business.

The Essence I Heart Extreme and L’Oreal Miss Manga has been my go to mascara combination for about 5-6 months. The process goes more or less like this:

1. I start by applying 1-2 coats of I Heart Extreme and continue with one coat of Miss Manga (pronounced mon-GUH).

2.  Next comes the evaluation. If it looks okay I’ll leave it, but if I need a little more volume or separation I’ll go back in with another modest coat of Essence I Heart Extreme.

I think both mascaras work well on their own. When I’m running low on time I feel comfortable using two coats of Miss Manga and calling it good.

In addition both mascaras function at their best when they’ve been open for about two weeks. Otherwise, the formula is too wet when for my taste. Taking that into consideration, I definitely need to be a bit more strategic about repurchasing, and I have repurchased both of these mascaras at least once.

Speaking of repurchasing, it’s about that time. Instead of repurchasing the Essence and L'Oreal combo right away I feel like I need to branch out a little. I’m going to crack out my Tarte Lights Camera Lashes sample. I’m afraid though. What if I don’t like it? Or worse, what if I do?! Ugh, Life is just too hard sometimes.

If you’ve tried any of these mascaras I'd like to hear your thoughts. Otherwise I'd love to know what your favorite mascara combination is. 

Thanks for Reading and Remember:

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