Quickie Drugstore Haul!

Hello and Welcome to Saving Face Beauty!

I hope good things are happening for you guys right now. I hope you're enjoying the lasts few weeks of summer. 

On a more personal note, Happy Day of Birth to my 2nd neice! The little one came into the world this afternoon at a healthy 8lbs. 7oz. Needless to say she's beautiful! (Mostly because she looks nothing like her father). #shade As far as I know, my cousin is not going to eat her placenta, which is kind of unfortunate considering it's trending.  

I guess I'm just in a really good mood and what better way to  celebrate new life than with an impromptu Drugstore Haul?! 

See. This is what happens when I walk in for tampons and beer. 
And that beer by the way, no bueno.

I came across a limited edition Essence display and  I picked up a couple of the baked shadows.

The light shade is called 'Make Life a Festival' and the Deeper shade is called 'Gastonberry.' The pigmentation reminds me of the E.L.F. baked shadows but the finish is more metallic and less shimmery and the texture is smoother. I think they were $2.99. If these shades interest you I highly recommend.

So excited that L.A. Girl has finally appeared in my local Fred Meyer! (aka Kroger). Buying makeup is so much more satisfying when you can see the products in person.

The red shade is called 'Pin Up' and the Purple shade is called 'Coy.'

Sometimes life is messy. Hey, it is what it is. 

Thanks for reading and remember :

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