Maybelline BB Bronzer Review

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Contouring has been frustrating me like you wouldn’t believe and I’m really glad it’s not cool anymore. Or at least for the time being. Instead I’ve been experimenting with Maybelline’s BB Bronzer as an alternative to traditional bronzing and contouring. This liquid bronzer comes in two shades: Light/medium and medium/deep.


It blends into the skin nicely and plays well with any kind of foundation I happen to use. I’ve tried mixing it in with my liquid foundation for an overall bronze and it works well if you want a sun kissed glow all over the face. But I especially love roughly stippling it onto the hollows of the cheeks and around the temples. Doing that gives minimal dimension without the stress of precision contouring, which I appreciate. This product does contain a very subtle shimmer, so if you decide to try it out, expect it to be a little glowy.   

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