Cover Girl Stay Luminous Foundation Review

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Towards the tail end of June I was testing out the relatively new Cover Girl Stay Luminous Foundation. I’m still using it consistently and I really don’t hate it. This is the foundation I pair with my highlighting products for Strobing and I actually like really it, but it’s hard to pinpoint why. It just works for me. The consistency is slightly thicker than the Cover Girl 3in1 foundation with medium coverage that’s buildable with a satin finish. When I have it on, it’s not super obvious that I’m wearing foundation and despite the ‘Stay Luminous’ name it doesn’t look greasy on me. It  stays on my face until the very end of the day (and sometimes the beginning of the next day if the night was…rough) which is also a plus. That being said I do have dry flaky skin and this foundation does not exaggerate my dry patches, which I appreciate more than you know. It can be hard out there for dry skinned girls. 

I'm wearing Covergirl's Stay Luminous Foundation the the Photo. I know, I know. My brows are not on fleek today! 

 The only real gripe I have about the Stay Luminous Foundation is the shade selection. It comes in like, seven shades (if you can find a retailer that carries the full shade selection, otherwise usually five or six). The first five shades are for my caucasian brothers and sisters. Then there are two awkward and ambiguous ‘ethnic shades.’ One is for brownies and one for blackies. I was slightly annoyed when I grabbed "Classic Tan," which is apparently my designated brown girl shade, and threw it in my basket.

It felt kind of surreal. Like being stuck in a bad dream where I'm on a school bus that halts abruptly, at which point I notice all the white kids plus the driver are looking at us impatiently. That's when I turn to Shakayla and say: “Ummm … I guess this is our stop?" "Yeah, no one told me either.”

Seriously, if this shade hadn’t turned out to be a surprisingly good match for me, I would have had to flip seven b*tches in a fit of rage. That's right. Seven of 'em. 

Long story short, I like Cover Girl's Stay Luminous Foundation and would definitely repurchase. I imagine I would like it even more in the cooler months as the likelihood of it melting off decreases significantly. If, for some reason, you can't find a shade match and refuse to buy two shades to mix together (because, why?) the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation is very similar and comes with an SPF 20.   

If you have any thoughts or feelings about this product, as always I'd love to hear them. 

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