No Buy July!!

Dear Lord, give me strength…

Hello! And Welcome to Saving Face Beauty!

As you can probably tell from the title July is the month where I make a commitment both to myself and to my bank account to exercise a bit of self-control when it comes to spending. For the hardcore people, the idea is to suspend all unnecessary purchasing. Because I’d rather set semi realistic expectations for myself my personal goal is to suspend ‘all’ cosmetic purchases for the month.

It’s going to be hard though. So many brands will be releasing new products and launching their summer collections in July! Lorac just released the Pro Contour, Pro Metals and Pro Matte palettes. I think they’re available at Ulta now. Colour Pop just launched their new Ultra Matte Lip colors on the 25th, Urban Decay’s Smoky Palette and that new Born This Way Foundation from Too Faced. To be completely honest, I have every intention of breaking the No Buy to possess Champagne Pop aka the newest Love Child of You Tube beauty deity Jaclyn Hill and Becca Cosmetics. Yumm… This sh*t is limited edition, and if I miss out on it, I’ll murder myself. But seriously though, because my life will have no meaning without this product.

I would find this talk less daunting if it was like, a “No Buy February.” No it doesn’t rhyme, but 28 days is more doable than 31!

On the Brightside this will give me an opportunity to revisit palettes I’ve disliked in the past, to use lip products that are laying in the back of a drawer somewhere, and to become reacquainted with blushes I haven’t used in a while. Look forward to a lot of “Shop My Stash” posts.

I also have a lot of Netflix to catch up on so that works too.

So what’ll it be? Will you join me for No Buy July? Or will you be smart on maintain control of your own destiny? Either way, wish me luck. I’ll need all of it!

In other news, I went to the Taste of Tacoma over at Point Defiance this past weekend and got to try some good old fashioned deep friend Gator on a Stick. 



It tastes like chicken with better seasoning. Highly recommend. 

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