MAC Matte Lippie Pics

Hello and Welcome to Saving Face Beauty!

So, I'm actually really upset right now.

Beat Faced - "When the makeup applied to a person's face is so powerful and amazing that it makes them look truly stunning." - Urban Dictionary

Slayed - "A word used when you dominate or do really well on something."

Fleek - "The quality of being perfect, or on point. Usually has something to do with eyebrows." - The Interwebs

Swerve - "Used to imply dodging someone." - Urban Dictionary

Truffle Butter - The fastest way to get a UTI.

Throwing Shade - Something others insist I'm really good at. 

I'm upset that all of these words happened but Gretchen Weiners couldn't make 'Fetch' happen!

Talk about injustice.

That's it. I just wanted to get that off of my chest before posting these pics of the new MAC Matte Lipsticks. As far as i'm aware they're all permanent. They are in a special display in my local store at the moment, but I think they're incorporated in with the other permanent lipsticks on the website.  

mac mattes 1
mac mattes 2
mac mattes 3
mac mattes 4

Thanks for reading and Remember:

Don't Just Wear Makeup, Let It Inspire You!