Manicure Monday: A Blatant Disregard for Salon Etiquette?

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Everything on my body is real...mostly.

My nose is real. My boobs are real. My hair is real. My butt is all too real. However, there's nothing natural about my claws. They're made of acrylic and they  just make me feel pretty and less insecure about doing those up close and personal Manicure Mondays.

Ya know?

The Usual

I always get a full set on clear acrylics and forgo the white tips in exchange in for a solid color of polish. Then I ask the technician (aka: asian lady #3) for the nails to be rounded. To which the usual response is a heavy sigh and a modest eye roll. Why? Because rounding takes more time than smoothing out a square. (Besides, we all know that squares are reserved for people who are just that). I find it looks the most natural that way, even without polish, as long as you don't let anyone get too lose. 

The acrylics themselves always turn out great. The problem comes with color and prep. I don't like using their selection of colors for a few reasons:

1. They never seem to have anything that appeals to me so I usually choose the closest thing to a true and classic red I can find. 

2. I can never remember the chosen color long enough to record it for a Manicure Monday. And if I actually like it and want it again? I'll never be able to remember what it was. 

3. The polishes they keep in stock at the salon are so old they have to be revived with thinner regularly. I feel like this perpetuates chipping cause that's exactly what happens within two days of the manicure. 

I resorted to bringing my own polishes to prevent chipping and so I can wear a color I actually like instead of being a generic bitch. Strike One. However, I'm convinced the same thinning process happens to the Prime and the Shine. Whenever I go to change the color on my own I find that the acrylics have been severely stained by that 'classic, sophisticated red.' Even though I'm just gonna put another color over it, it still annoys me. It's one thing to bring your own color to a salon, that's just a matter of personal preference. It's another thing entirely to insist upon using your own personal base coat and top coat. Strike Two. I haven't done it yet and frankly I'm afraid to because it calls into question their competency and skill as professional nail technicians. At least this isn't food we're talking about right? It's not like they can spit in my soup or something. Unless they have more family that operate the 'Pho-Q' across the street.

Pho-Q Beach!

Pho-Q Beach!

So do you think bringing your own supplies to a nail salon is a blatant disregard for salon etiquette and an altogether dick move? Or is it something that's completely acceptable? If so, to what extent?   

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