Pop Art Zombie: Halloween FOTD 2015

Hello and Welcome to Saving Face Beauty! 

I'm not gonna lie, as October came to a close I began running out of steam. I almost made the decision not to do this look, but for obvious reasons I'm really glad I did. 


Products Used: 

  • Jordana black eyeliner
  • Mehron Paradise Paints - Pastel Palette 
  • Wolfe Brothers Essentials Palette
  • Imitation MUFE Flash Palette (ebay version)
  • Sleek iDivine Acid Palette
  • Water (to activate the paint)
  • Mehron Barrier Spray

The hair is some kind of Cosplay wig purchased from amazon for around $11. Like every other plastic hair piece it gets tangled and tattered over the course of an active evening and even combing it out with a wet brush won't restore it to a fraction of what it was when it came out of that off brand ziplock from China that it was shipped in. 

The beenie I bought at a local sporting goods store a year and a half ago because I thought it was interesting. I guess I somehow knew it would someday serve a greater purpose. 


My hat actually says 'Killin Zombies,' not Dunkin' Donuts. I know you can see it in the picture but this is a common misconception even for the people who are looking right at it. Nevertheless I appreciate the irony and hoped everyone else would to. 

That pretty much concludes my short but sweet Halloween post. 

Thanks for Reading and Remember:

Don't Just Wear Makeup, Let it Inspire You!