Manicure Monday : Lincoln Park After Dark

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Another week another manicure. This time when I went into the salon for a fill I actually got a design too! This is something I never usually do because it can be so hard to articulate what you want to someone who can't speak English well, even if you come prepared with a picture. But I went to a new place this time and a friend of mine assured me there is a woman there who could speak English very well, and she was a really good at design.  And she was right. I took in this inspo pic I found on Instagram and told this expert manicurist I wanted something similar without the hardware.


The color and the picture is just a black, but the color I picked out at the salon was Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI. Even though it wasn't a color that I personally own like all the others, I made a point to take note of it for this very purpose.


I think it's cute. I don't know if it's $20 worth of cute (which is the price for a design), but I appreciate how it turned out.


In the future I don't think I'll get I design like this unless its more intricate so that I can justify the cost. I feel like this is something I can invent surely learn to do on my own with small nail art brushes and dental floss on a stick. Sometimes you just have to get creative like that. I'm kind of inspired to order some nail art stuff from a Chinese seller on amazon and just see how that works out.  


Do you get any special designs at the nail salon? If so what are they? I'd love to see your pics!

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