No Shave November Tag!

Hello and Welcome to Saving Face Beauty!

I stumbled onto this Tag a while back . It was started in November of 2012 and I just thought it would be something fun and a little different.

-Do you like guys (or gals) with facial hair?

Back in the day, I was very much against facial hair of any kind. I was going to say just on men, but on second thought a woman with facial hair is even more disturbing so I'm going to extend that to ummm … EVERYONE! I used to be a fierce lover of the 'Baby Face.'  Then I met some dude in a college history class on Dictators or World War II  and he looked exactly like Chris Hemsworth.

Needless to say I didn't learn much in that class about dictatorships, I only made a profound discovery about myself:

I actually don't mind facial hair, as long as he's "manly" enough, (whatever that means),  to pull off a tasteful beard and stash combo. No Hipster stache. No Amish solo beard. No Side Burns only club. It needs to be all or nothing. It also needs to be well maintained. No Mountain Man Hair!

-Is there an odd place that you shave?

Uhhhh... I'm just gonna say Yes and leave it at that. : )

-Is there hair you don't shave that most people do?

My vagina and my bikini line have been doing Movember for like, 3 months now. 

I usually maintain her pretty consistently, however for one reason or another I just haven't been into it lately. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's because I'm not seeing anyone. Maybe I just want to see if I'll be able to braid it some day. More so I think I just get discouraged easily. I know the moment I get her completely bare It's only a matter of time (usually 24 hours) until the stubble reappears. In order to maintain the "My Bare Lady" look, I'd have to shave her EVERY DAY! I mean, I love her and everything but I got sh*t to do. I’ve never gotten waxed before because it sounds scary, but it’s a thought i’m actually entertaining now.

-Do you shave/wax your legs the same amount in the winter as you do in spring/summer?

Absolutely Not!!!

I shave about 3-4 times weekly in the summer, and only 4-6 times monthly  in the Winter. : ) However, this Fall and Winter I've been shaving more often than I normally would because I'm taking biotin to grow the hair on my head. Apparently that causes everything else to grow too. Go fig. I'm the kind of person who really appreciates minimal leg hair all the time. It just feels so much better under freshly laundered sheets. Yumm...

-Favorite hair removal products?

I usually use a razor and soap, though I prefer to use whatever kind of failed conditioner that's left around. But I've always wanted to try a safety razor. So, nothing special.

-Hair removal products you regret buying?

Nair has done  nothing but ruin my life!!!

Not really. It just burns like a mofo.

And smells like one too.

That's really the only hair removal product I regret buying, but there is a hair removal method I definitely regret trying.

-Any horror stories?

I have two stories. The first one is, not so much a horror story as it is just a bad experience. I was watch a video on YouTube by Tati aka: GlamLifeGuru.

And she suggested using coconut oil to dry shave. I thought it was a very interesting concept and gave it a try a couple weeks ago. Afterwards there were still patches of hair on my legs, which was the least of my problems. It was the most intense instance of razor burn I've ever experienced! I actually ripped off a few layers of skin in several areas, my legs were red for days and burned for hours even with continuous application of aloe vera gel. I want to say that I did it wrong, but the video isn't very specific about the process which tells me that it should be self-explanatory: 1) Coat legs with coconut oil. 2) Shave. RIGHT? Worst idea ever. At least for me.

Besides the occasional instance of over plucking I only have one other story to share, and it's not so much  horrific as it is just weird, I guess.

When I first started shaving I would shave everything. All the time, and nearly everyday. Even peach fuzz was not acceptable so I would always shave my forearms in addition to EVERYTHING else. After a while, a portion of my arm hair  just wouldn't grow back. So essentially I have a huge bald patch on both my forearms with a  ring of hair growing around it. Thank goodness my arm hair isn't super thick or super dark otherwise that would be an awkward problem to have.

-What is the longest amount of time you have ever gone without shaving?

About two and a half weeks. It feels like a lot for me, but I'm sure for the women whose razors legitimately hibernate for the winter, it can hardly be considered a hiatus.

-Draw a mustache or beard on yourself. 

Obviously, this is a recycled look from my Halloween FX Friday series, but when I posted it back then I couldn’t help but think “Are people gonna understand that I’m supposed to be a wolf? Because this kind of looks like I just had a life-changing rogaine accident. Ya know?” This is the closest I will ever allow myself to come to having a mustache or a beard. I hope you can appreciate that.

And there you have the No Shave November Tag!

Thanks for Reading and remember:

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